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  • Pobopobo's Maternity Pillow

  • A versatile pillow designed to stopuncomfortable night's sleep

Pregnancy series

Pobopobo's Maternity Pillow

A versatile pillow designed to stopuncomfortable night's sleep
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Support for you & your baby

The pobopobo's Maternity Pillow is the perfect solution for expectant mothers seeking comfort and support during their pregnancy. With its distinctive wedge shape, it offers support to both the lower back and growing bump. The pillow's design gently cradles the bump, aligning the hips and lower back, and relieving pressure evenly for deep and restful sleep. More →.

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pobopobo pregnancy pillow

Unlocking Blissful Nights: Mastering Pregnancy Sleep for Moms-to-Be

If there can be good sleep, then our bodies will become better and better. For normal people, if they don't sleep well, they will feel tired and even have weakened resistance. However, some pregnant women with big bellies are inevitably having trouble sleeping soundly. So, what should we do to change this? We can make adjustments in these aspects...

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Pobopobo pregnancy pillow

When to Stop Sleeping on Back During Pregnancy.

Should you stop sleeping on your back during pregnancy? That’s a question many women ask, especially if they’re traditional back sleepers. We feel your pain as some of our mommas at babybub also preferred sleeping on their back....

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Pobopobo pregnancy pillow

Six Tips to Relieve Pregnancy
Lower Back Pain

As the fetus gradually grows, some expectant mothers may experience lower back pain, which can seriously impact daily life and work. How can you relieve late-pregnancy lower back pain?
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