What are the common first signs of pregnancy?

What are the common first signs of pregnancy?

During the early stages of pregnancy, women may be unaware, especially first-time mothers who lack experience. Often, it takes about a month for a woman to realize she is pregnant. In fact, women should pay attention to changes in their bodies when planning for pregnancy to quickly detect pregnancy symptoms. These eight signs can indicate pregnancy, but they should not be overly relied upon for accurate early pregnancy detection.

8 Signs That You Are Pregnant

1.Breast Tenderness:

During early pregnancy, there may be a sensation of tenderness in the breasts, lasting for several days, and varying in intensity compared to menstrual periods. Breast stimulation increases chest circumference, facilitating smoother breastfeeding after delivery.

2.Weakness in Limbs:

Fatigue and weakness in limbs intensify during pregnancy. In the early stages, hormonal fluctuations are significant, reaching exponential growth daily. The body becomes more sensitive to these changes, leading to increased fatigue.


Hormonal changes affect digestion, resulting in constipation or diarrhea, influenced by individual constitution and dietary habits.

4.Mood Swings:

Women experience significant emotional changes during pregnancy, with rapid shifts between excitement and low spirits. This emotional rollercoaster can be mentally taxing, making women keenly aware of their changing selves.

5.Lower Abdominal Pain:

Vague pain or discomfort in the lower abdomen occurs as the fertilized egg embeds into the uterus, causing the endometrium to thicken continuously to support the growing embryo.

6.Increased Secretions:

The implantation of the fertilized egg stimulates the endometrium, leading to increased secretions and occasional bleeding. The vaginal environment becomes slightly acidic, protecting the reproductive system. It is crucial to avoid sexual activity and harsh cleaning agents during this time.

7.Feeling of Fever:

After pregnancy, body temperature may experience a slight rise. Women who regularly monitor their body temperature can notice this change, which can persist for several months after conception.

8.Lower Back Pain:

Even before the embryo grows significantly, lower back pain may occur due to the release of the hormone relaxin, preparing the pelvis for childbirth.

Remember, while these signs may suggest pregnancy, consulting with a healthcare professional is essential for accurate confirmation and guidance during this crucial time.


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