"Husbands, Listen Up! Pregnant Women Need You, Especially During These 12 Moments"

"Husbands, Listen Up! Pregnant Women Need You, Especially During These 12 Moments"


Table of content

Moming sickness
Can't wake up from sleep
Always hungry
Leg cramps
Abdominal distension and constipation
Frequent urination
Abdominal pain
Emotional instability
Pubic pain
Insomnia during pregnancy
Stretch marks

1.Moming sickness

Morning sickness in early pregnancy is a normal pregnancy reaction andis mainly relatedto the huge changes in hormones in the body afterpregnancy.

When the levels of hormonessuch as chorionic gonadotropinin the body increase, it will cause gastrointestinadiscomfort, resulting inretching, nausea heartburn, etc. Condition.

Expectant fathers should do:lt is very difficult to eat during morningsickness, so he shouldput himself in his wife's shoes,think about understanding and taking care of his wifeand prepare foods to relievemorning sickness: soda crackers, prunes, lemons, yogurt, ginger, etc.


2.Can't wake up from sleep

After pregnancy, the body will secrete a kind of luteinizing hormone.The effect of thishormone can make the uterine muscles become soft andprevent miscarriage.

On theother hand, it also has an anesthetic effect, causing the body'smovements to becomea little sluggish, so it feels "Always unable towake up" especially when you are2-3 months pregnant, you will beparticularly sleepy.

What the expectant father needs to do:understand his wife's lethargy and giveher a quiet environment.


3.Always hungry

Pregnant mothers need to provide nutrients to theirfetuses and are prone to hunger.

What the father-to-be should do: cook nutritious anddelicious meals for his wife, who will gain about 25pounds during pregnancy, help her formulate a recipefor a longpregnancy without gaining weight, sootheher mood, and don't dislike her.

she wants to see it evenless than you do When you gain weight, tell her firmlythatyou love her very much.


4.Leg cramps

Entering the second trimester, the fetus is growing anddeveloping rapidly and needsa lot of nutrients.

lf the pregnant mother has unbalancednutritional intake or insufficienttrace element intake atthis time,

it will lead to calcium deficiency and causeleg cramps.
What the expectant father should do:supervise his wife to take calcium tablets and massageher legs and feet.


5.Abdominal distension and constipation

In the second trimester of pregnancy.as the fetus continues to grow, the uterus alsoincreases.

The enlarged uterus will squeeze the intestines, slowingdown intestinal peristalsisand causing constipation.This can be achieved through abdominal massage,dietadjustment, and appropriate activities.There are many ways to achieve improvement.

What the expectant father should do: prepare prunejuice, dragon fruit, and supervisehis wife to eat more vegetables.


6.Frequent urination

As the gestational age increases, the fetus enlarges the uterus. In the thirdtrimester,the fetal head descends into the pelvis, compressing the mother'sbladder, causingfrequent urination.

If in the thirdtrimester of pregnancy you still experience painfulurination and urgencyafter urinating frequently
you should go to the hospital in timeto rule out urinarytract infection.

The father-to-be should do the following:Supervise his wife to drink less water at nightand go to the toilet frequentlyat night. Don't think she is annoying and disturbs him. Preparea sensor nightlight to avoid tripping when going to the toilet at night.



In the third trimester of pregnancy, there is slight swelling inthe calves andankles, mainly because the venous return is blocked.It is recommendedthat pregnant mothers sleep on their left sideand raise their lower limbsby about 15 degrees to allow the bloodto return to the lower limbslmprovement, thereby edema can alsobe alleviated.

What the expectant father should do: urge his wife to eat lesshigh-salt foods. Help me preparea pregnancy pillow, which willmake sleeping at night much more comfortable.


8.Abdominal pain

Generally speaking, you don 't need to worry too much ifyou have pseudo-uterine contractions anoabdominal painand stifness in the third trimester of pregnancy. However.

if you have regular abdominal painsuch as once every 3 to5 minutes and lasting for 30 seconds at a time, it may belabor, and you shouldgo to the hospital as soon as possible.

The father-to-be should do the following: help his wife recordthe contractiontime, calm her nervousness,understand the signs of labor in advance, do not waituntilthe time of delivery to panic,and give her a sufficient sense of security


9.Emotional instability

Due to changes in body hormone levels, pregnant mothers maybedepressed, cry erratically, feel lonely, and may lose their temperwithyou for no apparent reason.

Expectant fathers should do the following: Don't hold grudgesdon't keepcold wars, don't quarrel, enlighten her, spend more timewith her, never leave her aloneat home, go out by yourself, and lether know that she is very important in your heart.


10.Pubic pain

As the gestational age increases, the fetus will graduallyincrease in size and the amniotic fluidcontent will alsoincrease, which will compress the pelvic cavity. The pubicbone is locatedin front of the pelvis and will also becompressed and induce pain.

What the expectant father should do: prevent his wife fromlifting heavy objects, buy her a back and waist pillow andcalcium tablets, and supplement calcium tablets to preventpubic separation.


11.Insomnia during pregnancy

Especially in the third trimester of pregnancy, pregnant womenare in a sensitive periodpsychologically and mentally due to theinfluence of progesterone.

They are prone to frequent urinationand will get up at night to runto the toilet, which seriously affects the quality of their sleep.

What the fatherto-be should do: Make a glass of milk forhis wifebefore goingto bed. Proper protein supplementation can help hersleep


12.Stretch marks

The development of the baby in the womb causes the uterusto enlarge, causing theelastic fibers of the skin to stretch,resulting in the appearance of lines called stretch marks.

Pregnant mothers can use pregnancy oil specially designedfor pregnant women for moderatemassage after taking abath every day to keep the skin moisturized, improve theskin'sability to expand, and prevent the occurrence ofstretch marks
What the expectant father should do: prepare pregnancy oiland help his wifeapply it on her abdomen, chest, thighs andbuttocks every day after 3 months of pregnancy



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