Is it safe for women to wear makeup during pregnancy?

Is it safe for women to wear makeup during pregnancy?

A major problem plaguing many young expectant mothers is,
"Now that I'm pregnant, does it mean I can't be as beautiful as before and have to become an ugly yellow-faced woman?"
The answer is

As an expectant mother, are you facing the following questions:

  • Can you wear makeup during pregnancy?
    Yes, as long as you avoid ingredients that pregnant women cannot use.
  • Can you apply sunscreen during pregnancy?
    Yes, and you must apply it. It's easy to develop dark spots from melanin precipitation during pregnancy if you don't apply sunscreen.
  • Can you use beauty devices during pregnancy?
    It depends on the working principles. For example, vibrating types like facial cleansing devices are okay. Types with micro-currents like golden rods cannot be used.
  • Can you wear circle lenses during pregnancy?
  • Can you exfoliate during pregnancy?
    Not necessarily. The ingredients cannot contain substances prohibited for pregnant women. Many exfoliating products contain salicylic acid.
  • Can you spray perfume during pregnancy?
    No, perfumes contain alcohol.
  • Can you apply face masks during pregnancy?
    Yes, but choose masks with more natural ingredients.
  • Cosmetic ingredients prohibited during pregnancy:
    Salicylic acid, citric acid, retinol, fragrances, tetracyclines and tretinoin, hydroquinone, cyclopentasiloxane, etc.


For expectant mothers, makeup should be light and elegant. Minimize use of cosmetics and be cautious when using them,

because many cosmetics contain high concentrations of chemicals that can seriously harm the baby, especially whitening and spot removal products that can easily cause fetal malformation.



  1. Thoroughly clean off all makeup to prevent pigment precipitation.
  2. Avoid heavy makeup looks, especially lipstick and foundation.
  3. Avoid using cosmetics containing hormones, copper, mercury, lead and other heavy metals.
    Opt for products with good quality, guaranteed safety, simple ingredients, and mild properties with natural ingredients as the main components.
  4. Never use unclean products, expired products, or other people's cosmetics.
  5. Do not tattoo eyeliner, eyebrows, or lip blush. Do not pluck eyebrows. Use an eyebrow razor instead.
  6. Do not use whitening products because of melasma.
  7. Avoid applying lipstick as much as possible. If used, wipe it off before drinking water or eating to prevent harmful substances from entering the body through the mouth.


Cosmetics suitable for expectant mothers:

  1. Use neutral soap, warm water or cold water to wash the face. Hot water evaporates facial moisture.
  2. Before going out, apply some nutrient water or mineral water on the face.
  3. Moisturizing milk is an excellent skincare product with nutritional value.
  4. When applying makeup, choose lighter milk-type foundations and avoid water-based ones.
  5. Cleanse and massage the face every night before sleep.

pobopobo-make-up- prohibited

Cosmetics prohibited for expectant mothers:

  1. Hair dyes

According to foreign medical experts, hair dyes can not only cause skin cancer but also breast cancer, resulting in fetal malformation. So expectant mothers should not use hair dyes.

  1. Cold perm solutions

According to French medical experts' years of research, after pregnancy, women's hair becomes extremely fragile and prone to falling out. Using chemical cold perm solutions will further accelerate hair loss.
In addition, cold perm solutions often contain an organosulfur acid, a toxic chemical that is water-soluble at room temperature and can be absorbed through the skin.
Excessive use of strongly alkaline cold perm solutions on large areas of the scalp can also cause hair protein denaturation and hair loss. Some women may have allergic reactions to it, which will harm fetal development.
A few women may also develop allergic reactions to it. Therefore, expectant mothers should not use chemical cold perm solutions either.

  1. Lipstick

Lipsticks consist of various oils, waxes, pigments and fragrances. The oils are usually wool fat, which can absorb various heavy metal traces harmful to the human body from the air. It can also allow colon bacillus to enter the fetus, and has a certain penetration effect. After application, some harmful substances in the air can easily attach to the lips and enter the body with saliva, harming the fetus in the woman's womb. Therefore, expectant mothers should avoid lipstick, especially long-term use.

  1. Nail polish

Nail polish contains a substance called phthalate esters. Absorption of this substance is not only harmful to human health, but also prone to causing miscarriage and birth defects in pregnant women.

  1. Essential oils

Essential oils can stimulate blood circulation and may cause miscarriage.

  1. Hair removal products

Hair removal products are chemicals that affect fetal health. Laser hair removal is not only ineffective but the electric current stimulation can also damage the fetus.

  1. Spot removal creams

The dark spots that appear on an expectant mother's face during pregnancy are a normal physiological, not pathological, phenomenon.
Spot removal during pregnancy is not only ineffective but also because many spot removal creams contain lead, mercury and other chemicals and certain hormones that can affect fetal development when used long-term, with the possibility of causing fetal malformation.

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