Pregnancy meditation practice to alleviate weight-related anxiety

Pregnancy meditation practice to alleviate weight-related anxiety
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As you enter the 16th week of pregnancy, your weight will slowly start to increase. Please don't worry.

As long as you start planning your exercise routine now and pay attention to eating healthy, you have a good chance of gaining only baby weight and not extra body fat. An expectant mother who feels beautiful!

Relieve Stress Through Mindfulness Meditation

If you have a lot of mental distress during pregnancy that is hard to resolve, in addition to mindfulness meditation, you can also communicate with your family and not bottle things up inside.

Today's practice will guide you to relieve negative emotions caused by weight gain and worsening lower limb edema through mindfulness meditation.

Now, please find a quiet place to sit or lie down. You can gently close your eyes and slowly relax. Take a deep breath and allow yourself to relax, focusing your attention on your breathing.

Inhale deeply, exhale slowly, and feel more and more relaxed with each breath.

Next, bring your attention to your abdomen, to the sensation breathing brings. When inhaling, feel your abdomen expand slightly; when exhaling, feel it gently relax and retract. Inhale, exhale. Follow the natural rhythm and feel the rise and fall of your abdomen just like waves in the ocean, one after another.

Keep your attention on the sensation of breathing. You are intentionally helping yourself achieve balance and calm.

Now, gradually shift your awareness down from your head to your chin, neck, and feel your throat at this moment.

What sensations are there in your throat? Do you have an urge to swallow or feel dryness in your throat? What does the back of your neck feel like at this moment? Is there any tightness or discomfort?

No matter what emotions this sensation brings, be open to it and keep your awareness on your body.

Relax your body as much as possible and let this beam of awareness continue down to your torso. Whether you like it or not, you don't need to force yourself. Let the beam of awareness go from below your neck to your chest, abdomen, shoulder blades, and entire back.

Feel this beam of awareness envelop your entire torso, from top to bottom, inside out, from skin and muscles to bones and organs. Feel it reach every joint, to the fingertips.

Next, let the beam of awareness continue scanning down to the buttocks. Feel the contact between the buttocks and the chair or pad. Attend gently with awareness to the entire abdomen, buttocks and pelvis.

Let your attention continue downward to both thighs, the outer hips, inner groin, down along the knees, calves, ankles, feet. Feel the sensations in your legs and feet. You only need to notice any sensation as it is.

If it is different from your expectations, you don't need to force or change it. You just open up to the sensation and coexist with it.

Now, scan your whole body again with the beam of awareness and express gratitude to it: Thank you for functioning normally no matter what I eat; thank you for allowing me to control my weight through exercise. From now on, I will not have any negative emotions because of weight fluctuations.

Finally, let's take a deep breath again. Inhale deeply, exhale slowly. Smile and thank every cell in your body.

Let's rest like this for a while, breathing and feeling your body dancing freely. Feel your body bathing joyfully in awareness. Our bodies become lighter and lighter.


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