2023 Newest-How to choose pregnancy pillow

2023 Newest-How to choose pregnancy pillow


Those who love it think the maternity pillow is the most practical gadget from pregnancy to postpartum, while moms who think it's useless consider it a complete waste of money.

I started using it at 6 months. In late pregnancy, you can't sleep on your back, so the pillow props up my belly and back at the same time - without it I simply can't fall asleep. After giving birth when my breasts were engorged, I couldn't sleep on my side either, so the pillow stabilized my waist on both sides.

You could say this pillow saved my life during pregnancy!

Is a pregnancy pillow worth buying? How do you choose one? Don't worry, I'll cover the importance of sleep position during pregnancy, key factors in choosing a pillow, and product recommendations, so you can understand everything about pregnancy pillows in one article - the perfect cure for all your purchasing anxieties!

After reading this, you'll understand:

- Are pregnancy pillows worth buying, and when should you buy one?

- What are the different types of pregnancy pillows? 

- What do you need to pay attention to when choosing a pregnancy pillow?


The lazy cheat sheet:

Budget under $50: Consider the Pobopobo pillow, multi-use and easy to wash, suitable for year-round use, good value. 


pobopobo C-shape pregnancy pillow
(Clinic Picture to order)
Sweaty moms: Recommend the Common shape pillow, moisture-wicking and cooling for great sleep in summer!
pobopobo common shape pregnancy pillow
(Clinic Picture to order)
(Clinic Picture to order)


Pillow-loving moms: Choose the Pobopobo three-one shaped pillow, easy to switch positions. 




Pillow-loving moms: Choose the Pobopobo G-shaped pillow, easy to switch positions.


Moms seeking luxury: Try the Pobopobo H-shaped pillow for a truly pampered experience.


1. Are pregnancy pillows worth it and when should I buy one?

To answer this, we have to talk about optimal sleeping positions during pregnancy:


- Early pregnancy: Anything comfortable except lying on your stomach.

- Mid-pregnancy: Side-lying is usually more comfortable, or you can lie slightly propped up - just elevate your lower body.

- Late pregnancy: Lying on your side is best - avoid lying flat on your back.

Why side-sleeping?

“In late pregnancy, the growing uterus can compress the vena cava when lying flat, decreasing blood flow back to the heart.

Less blood flow back to the heart means less blood pumped out, which can lead to low blood pressure - aka "supine hypotension" that many pregnant women experience.

Some moms feel dizzy, nauseous, breathless, or weak, with clammy sweating. So side-sleeping avoids this.

But side-sleeping can be so uncomfortable! Your belly feels heavy, and your whole body gets sore and swollen lying on one side. This is where a pregnancy pillow comes in handy!”

A good pregnancy pillow provides support to reduce strain on the waist and relieve discomfort from extended side-lying, improving sleep quality. It also relieves abdominal pressure and helps maintain balance.

In short, the right pregnancy pillow can raise your sleep comfort to the next level during pregnancy!


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OK, if you also agree that a pregnancy pillow is necessary, read on.


2. What are the different types of pregnancy pillows?

Based on shape, the most common types are H-shape, Common-shape, three-one shaped , G-shape. The shape affects the support area and user experience, with Three-one shaped,common shape and H being the most popular.

Let's look at each one:

H pillow: The "all-in-one" pillow. Combines belly, back, and head support so it works for all sleeping positions - lying or side-sleeping. The two-sided design provides great support either way.


You can even wedge one side between your legs for comfort. The downside is it takes up space, especially from your partner. But I wouldn't call that a downside!

Common-shape: Only supports one side, so doesn't feel confined like the H-shape. Takes up less space as well.



(Clinic Picture to order)

three-one shaped : No headrest, perfect for pillow-lovers. The midsection provides belly support to relieve back pressure, and the back cushion makes switching positions easier.



G-shape: Headrest, belly support, back support, and leg support in one. Alleviates pregnancy pressure and components detach for washing. Can also be a nursing pillow, prolonging use.




In summary:

- Most moms: G-shape, versatile and enveloping

- Still sleepers: Common-shape, space-saving and comfy

- Pillow huggers: H-shape for easy repositioning

After covering the pros of each shape, let's look at shopping considerations.

3. What to consider when choosing a pregnancy pillow?

Beyond type and features, the main factors are:

1. Your individual needs

What suits others may not work for you.

Some multifunctional pillows are bulky - if space is limited, choose a simpler, more compact style.

If you have serious back pain, a H-shape provides more comprehensive support than a C. Match to your priorities.

2. Fabric and filling

These directly impact comfort.

- Fabric: Light-colored, pure cotton or bamboo fibers have optimal breathability and moisture-wicking. Dark dyes may contain harmful substances.

- Filling: Most are cotton, synthetic fiber, or memory foam. Cotton is breathable and soft, synthetic is durable, memory foam conforms better to your shape. Regardless, choose natural, non-toxic materials without odor.

That concludes today's content - let me know in the comments or DMs if you have any other questions during selection, and I'll respond! Product links are in webiste profile(https://www.pobopobo.com/) if you want to browse. Thank you all for reading!

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